Tania Rashid

Global Education Program Administrator
Canada Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Languages : Bengali; Bangla, English
  • Last Login : Jul 15, 2024

About Me

I have completed my undergraduate degree with a Hons. B.A. in Health & Society and International Development Studies from York University, and an Ontario Post Graduate Certificate in International Business Management from Seneca College. My educational background has provided me with the knowledge of major themes and trends in international development. It also have taught me the importance of knowing the history, culture, gender-relationships, and history of a region in order to better understand the current situation. The more knowledge we have in these areas, the better will be our decisions regarding current policies and project changes will be affecting social growth, economic growth, poverty, gender-relations and distinguish negative and positive aspects of the portrayed in the media.

I also believe the long-term viability of any organization can be directly measured by the strength of its youth members.

I was born in Bangladesh but grew up in Malaysia. I moved to Canada in 2002. Recently I had the opportunity to visit Saudi Arabia. I enjoy learning and experience different cultures.

  • My Interests
    Child & Youth Rights, Child Labour, Civil Rights, Corporate Social Responsibility, Food Security, Freedom of Expression, Global Citizenship, Global Education, International Aggreements, Political Thought, Poverty, Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development

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    BangladeshBangladesh      MalaysiaMalaysia      Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia      SingaporeSingapore

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